Raymond villalba

Raymond Villalba is a first generation American who was born and raised in Queens, New York by his Dominican Mother and Ecuadorian Father, to whom immigrated to New York as teenagers in the 1960’s. Ray’s father owned and operated an Automotive Carburetor Shop and where Ray got a taste of turning a wrench for the first time at the young age of 4. In Ray’s case, saying he was born with a wrench in his hand… isn’t an understatement. Ray was privileged to attend an Aviation High School in Queens NY. This institute was a special FAA certified high school that uniquely specialized co-educational high school and prepared students for careers in aviation maintenance and the aerospace industry. He graduated in1996 as a licensed A&P, at the age of 18, and while in aviation high school he met Nancy, his future wife, and mother of his two children Emma and Elias. They moved to Houston where Ray began his life long passion as a aircraft technician, working for the past 20 years on piston aircrafts as well as light jets.

Ray later acquired his I.A. and private pilots license and owns a Piper Cherokee 140. He has attended flight safety classes, Garmin seminars and is a ABS maintenance academy graduate. When Ray is not turning a wrench, listening to pilots and aircraft owners concerns about their aircraft issues, or going the extra miles to keep them safe and airworthy…..

He enjoys the art of Aikido and has become an accomplished black belt.


E&E Aviation, a mobile aircraft services company since 2010 serving the Texas area. Our employees consist of experienced A&P/IA mechanics and private pilots with over 16 years experience in the general aviation industry.We take pride in our work and we are committed to customer satisfaction.


Office/Parts Manager 

"What I like the most about E&E Aviation, is that is feels like a family environment. Everyday I learn something new."


FAA Certified A&P Technician/ Private Pilot

"I have found it to be fascinating how different aircraft have been built throughout the years, and have established many life-long friendship in the endeavor." 



"All this fantastic old planes with their history, belong to our partonomy.  They need our deep attention to have so much fun to play with them." 


FAA Certified A&P Technician 

"For over 17 years I have worked on a variety of planes. I do not finish a job until I am more than satisfied."


FAA Certified A&P Technician 

"I have been in the aviation industry for over 15 years. E&E Aviation is a place where we work as a team to delivery quality services." 


FAA Certified A&P Technician 

"I find aviation to be very exciting and a rewarding job "



"I have found a new passion in aviation, thanks to Ray and the E&E Aviation family. Since I have 10 years of automotive experience, the transition to aviation has been easy. My goal: everyday to perform my best work to keep E&E Aviation on the high standard they have."


20803 Stuebner Airline Rd,

Hangar x34

Spring, TX 77379